Reporting Tools for the Radiologist

Efficient, Structured Design Ikonopedia provides structured reporting solutions for multiple breast modalities including mammography, Ultrasound, MRI, Biopsy, and Pathology. Our closed-loop system monitors usage in the background and provides important alerts and helpful suggestions before you sign your report.

Each modality is paired with an innovative drag-and-drop lesion locator and we have incorporated the latest ACR BI-RADS® Atlas 5th Edition as part of report generation. We also support full dictation into any section of the report.
Screening The Ikonopedia screening modality is fast without sacrificing accuracy. A BI-RADS®-compliant report is created with just one click while automatically setting the followup recommendations. Our built-in metrics show very fast reporting times — with many under 10 seconds.
Diagnostic Ikonopedia’s diagnostic modules are designed to quickly capture critical details of a complex diagnostic study. The diagnostic screen is intuitively organized with real lesion graphics representing findings. Full or partial dictation is also supported in all modalities. We would like an opportunity to show you the efficiency gains in a brief demo. Please email here to schedule.
Biopsy The Ikonopedia Biopsy reporting module is simple to use and can make short-work of complex biopsy exams. We have condensed the complexity of interventional breast procedures into a beautiful and intuitive interface.
Pathology Our pathology module makes it easy to enter pathology results. Together with our reporting modalities above, data from the pathology module automatically closes the loop with our analytics reporting to create an array of impressive and useful reports including the MQSA audit report.
Lesion Locators The Ikonopedia lesion locator is unique in the industry. You can precisely locate lesions for all modalities including Mammography, Ultrasound, and MRI. Simply drag the locator target and concise descriptive text is automatically generated.



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