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Efficient, Structured Design

Ikonopedia provides structured breast reporting solutions for mammography, Ultrasound, MRI, Biopsy, and Pathology. The system is based on the teaching libraries of our founders: László Tabár, MD (Mammography), A. Thomas Stavros, MD (Ultrasound), and Michael J. Vendrell, MD (MRI).

Our closed-loop system monitors usage in the background and provides important alerts and helpful suggestions before you sign your report. Clinical reports are clear, consistent, and 100% compliant with the ACR BI-RADS® Atlas 5th Edition.

Ikonopedia is a next-generation system that is built on the latest technology.  It can run on all modern platforms including Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Why Choose Ikonopedia?

Ikonopedia is Fast and Eliminates Errors

The ikonopedia interface is fast and intuitive. It eliminates common errors such as reporting on the wrong side and incomplete or missing data.

In the graphic, buttons on the left demonstrate a unilateral exam where the left side is disabled to prevent wrong-side errors.

Past Exam Data is Pulled Forward

Previous exam data is pulled forward into the new exam including lesion location and density. This saves time and reports stay consistent between exams.

In the graphic, the icon is highlighted with a magenta color to indicate how density was set in the previous exam.

Helpful Alerts and Warnings

Ikonopedia provides alerts for the radiologist that are sourced from past exams, patient history, risk assessment tools, technologist notes, and our new Patient Canvas described below.

BI-RADS® Compliant Reporting

Using structured icon reporting tools, all reports are guaranteed to be 100% BI-RADS® compliant with the current BI-RADS® Atlas 5th Edition.

Tools for Technologists

Technologists can use our new patient-canvas to graphically locate scars, moles and a variety of other skin lesion types. Other Technologist tools include custom macros and special notes to the radiolgist.

A flashing icon will alert the radiologist to the presence of skin lesions. Patient Canvas and Technologist notes can be quickly viewed at any time.

Drag-and-Drop Lesion Locators

Our unique graphical drag-and-drop lesion locators are specific for each modality.  Lesions are quickly located and accurately pulled forward from one diagnostic exam to the next -- including cross-modality locations.

Automated Recommendations and Follow-up

Patient recommendations and follow-up are set automatically as you report on an exam. This eliminates mistakes and saves valuable time. With our flexible system, you can add custom recommendations and even set follow-up for individual lesions.

Our comprehensive follow-up system tracks patients to complete resolution of all clinical concerns.

Dictation and Macro Support

Ikonopedia supports dictation and provides customizable macros for each user that reports in the system.

Custom Macros can insert text into any section of the report.

Automated Report Content

The clinical section of the report can be populated automatically with data from our patient questionnaire as well as other structured data sources. This includes patient demographics, reason for exam, risk score, family history, and more.

We also support permanent patient notes that are automatically inserted in the report for each subsequent exam.

Context-Sensitive Letters in Multiple Languages

Our patient communication system adjusts automatically to produce context-sensitive letters in multiple languages that have a personalized look-and-feel.  Letters will automatically adjust based on BI-RADS® category, breast density, risk-score, gender and government mandated language.

We can also personalize letters with your company logo and signatures for each radiologist.

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