Breast History and Risk Assessment

Patient-Friendly Questionnaire

The Ikonopedia breast history questionnaire is designed with patients in mind. Your patients will find the questionnaire easy-to-see and use and they will appreciate that they no longer have to completely reenter the same answers at every visit.

The questionnaire uses large fonts and we limit the number of questions to only a few on each page for a pleasing user experience. We have also carefully designed and organized the questionnaire to minimized the amount of typing.

Here is an example question below:


Ikonopedia can operate on any modern Windows® or Macintosh® system including tablets and Ikonopedia provides a comprehensive and customizable base set of questions as a starting place.

Automated Report Entries

Question data can be configured to populate the clinical section of the report. We can pull pertinent answers from the questionnaire and insert that text into the clinical section of the clinical report, for example "Personal history of breast cancer in right breast" and pertinent answers from the allergy section -- "Patient indicates allergy to Latex."

Risk Assessment Tools

Ikonopedia provides a full risk assessment section in the questionnaire including Tyrer-Cuzick and NCI/Gail risk assessment algorithms. Data from the risk tools is used to create alerts for the radiologist, populate the clinical section of the report, and automatically update the patient letter explaining the risks associated with dense breast tissue.

A high-risk patient alert will flash on the screen for patients with a 20% or greater lifetime risk and information about the score is instantly viewable.

Risk Assessment On-Line

Ikonopedia hosts the first-ever web-based Version of Tyrer-Cuzick Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool.


You can visit the online risk-assessment here.

This risk assessment tool was developed by scientists at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Queen Mary University of London and is provided for non-commercial research purposes only. Commercial use requires a license, for further information contact: - or -



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