MQSA and EQUIP Compliance

Ikonopedia EQUIP Support

Ikonopedia has introduced EQUIP support in response to the new FDA-mandated image quality requirements. This new system provides an array of efficient tools and reports to help your facility comply with these new requirements.

What are EQUIP Requirements?

To implement EQUIP, the FDA will add the following questions to the quality assurance components of its facility inspections to assess compliance with image quality requirements:

  1. Does the facility have procedures for corrective action (CA) when clinical images are of poor quality?
  2. Does the facility have procedures to ensure that clinical images continue to comply with the clinical image quality standards established by its accreditation body?
  3. Does the facility have a procedure for Lead Interpreting Physician (LIP) oversight of QA/QC records and corrective actions? 

Ikonopedia helps you meet EQUIP requirements with a set of processes and reports that are naturally inherent in the design of our system.

Flagging for Corrective Action

Radiologists can flag images for corrective action using our built-in technical-repeat feature that is part of our screening modality. The radiologist can specify as little or as much detail as needed when flagging images for corrective action.

Automated EQUIP Reviews

Ikonopedia automatically initiates periodic FDA-mandated image quality-reviews, for both interpreting physicians and radiology technologists.

The reviewer can grade an auto-generated sample of exams, document deficiencies and indicate required corrective action as indicated.

Each exam is graded on the eight standard image quality measures. Grading criteria can be customized as needed and the reviewer's feedback is included in quality-review reports.

Ongoing EQUIP Oversight

Ongoing oversight of QA/QC records and corrective action is managed through Ikonopedia Analytics. A variety of reports specifically designed to address the EQUIP initiative are available. User access to view EQUIP reports is fully configurable.

BI-RADS® Compliant

Using structured icon reporting tools, all reports are guaranteed to be 100% BI-RADS® compliant with the current BI-RADS® Atlas 5th Edition.

Patient and Physician Notification

Mammography facilities are required to provide patients with written results of their mammograms in easy-to-understand language within 30 days of the mammogram.   For cases in which an abnormality is detected on the patient’s mammogram, the facility is required to notify the patient and her physician (if appropriate) and recommend a suitable course of action.

The Ikonopedia patient tracking system takes the complexity out of patient and physician communication. We provide letters in multiple languages that auto-adjust based on patient history and clinical data.

We also include government-mandated breast density language for states that have that requirement.


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