Recommendations and Patient Tracking


No patient will get lost in the shuffle of your busy clinic with our comprehensive tracking and follow-up tools. The follow-up manager is an important part of our closed-loop system for managing and tracking patients in all categories of care.

Recommendations are set automatically and tracked in our follow-up manager. In the follow-up manager, you can manage all MQSA compliance issues including patient and physician notification, reminder letters, and other communication for scheduling appointments.

Automated Recommendations and Follow-up

Patient recommendations and follow-up are set automatically as you report on an exam. This eliminates mistakes and saves valuable time.

Recommendations are very flexible in Ikonopedia. You can rely on automated recommendations or create custom recommendations on-the-fly. We also provide a simple method to follow individual lesions at separate intervals.

Follow-up Manager

Our patient followup system can manage all patient tracking and communication including letters, phone calls, certified/registered mail and more. The followup manager is based on protocols that are configured to your organization's standards.

Our tools are designed to make your job easier by putting everything in one place. You can add patient notes, set communication status, review the report, print patient letters and everything else needed to track patients in a busy breast clinic.


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