Recommendations and Followup Tracking


No patient will get lost in the shuffle of your busy clinic with our comprehensive tracking and followup tools. Our followup module is an important part of our closed-loop system for managing and tracking patients in all categories of care.

Recommendations are set automatically or overridden manually by the radiologist. These recommendations are then tracked in our followup module for patient and referring physician notification along with reminder letters for scheduled appointments.

The followup tracking manager is feature-rich and we cannot possibly show every feature here. Please contact us below and we will be happy to answer any of your questions or give you a demo of our followup manager.



A default set of automatic followup recommendations are set at report-signing or the radiologist can choose to quickly override them. This can speed up reporting considerably -- with just a few clicks the report is signed and recommendations are automatically set.

Ikonopedia supports lesion-specific recommendations. This gives you the flexibility to follow separate and distinct lesions at different intervals. Lesion-specific locations are added using our drag-and-drop lesion locator -- providing visual confirmation and accuracy.

Ikonopedia recommendations are very flexible. We allow you to make recommendations that are optionally hidden/visible in the report and you can create you own custom recommendations on-the-fly.

Followup Manager


Our patient followup system can manage all patient tracking and communication including letters, phone calls, certified/registered mail and more. The followup manager is based on protocols that are configured to your organization's standards. We can create any number and combination of protocol steps to complement your workflow.

The followup manager is organized by BI-RADS® categories to keep recalls and biopsies in the forefront at all times. We also have separate tabs for patient and referring physician notification to meet your MQSA requirements within the mandated time.


Our tools are designed to make your job easier by putting everything in one place. You can add patient notes, set communication status, review the report, print patient letters and everything else needed to track patients in a busy breast clinic.

Notification and Reminder Letters


Ikonopedia configures all notification and reminder letters as part of the installation process. We can include government-mandated density notices and customize the letters with your logo, address, and signatures.

Notification letters are automatically personalized based exam data including BI-RADS® category, lifetime cancer risk, breast density, and gender.

Followup and reminder letters are fully customizable and can be automatically selected and personalized based on BI-RADS® category, lifetime cancer risk, breast density, and gender.

Batch Printing

With Ikonopedia, you can batch-print all of your notification and reminder letters. Ikonopedia will manage letter selection and automated content. And, the system will filter the reminder list so that you will always send out the right letter at the right time.



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