Administrative Reporting

MQSA Audit Reporting and Analytics

The core of our MQSA management system is Ikonopedia Analytics. Ikonopedia monitors and captures data in the background as the system is being used. This data can be sliced in many different ways to produce a very useful dashboard of your operation as well as a full-enterprise MQSA audit report.

In addition to Ikonopedia Analytics, we provide a series of administrative reports that allow you to search and group patients into many different categories.

Ikonopedia Analytics

Our powerful analytics module takes full advantage of discrete data captured by the Ikonopedia structured reporting system. Analytics take a deep dive into the data to produce vital reports including the MQSA audit report. Audit reports are on-demand and can be broken down by the individual radiologist all the way up to full-enterprise reports.

Below is an example screening report.

Analytics Sample

Administrative Reports

The Ikonopedia administrative reports display a list of exams that are filtered by key clinical criteria including exam modality, breast density, BI-RADS category, radiologist, clinic and much more. We also provide a series of pre-configured reports for the most common administrative searches. And, you can click on the report icon on any row to instantly bring up the clinical report for that patient.

Below is a sample administrative recall report.

Analytics Sample


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