The Next-Generation Breast Management and Reporting System
Next-Generation Reporting
Ikonopedia safely monitors patients in all categories of care with our closed-loop resolution manager.


Ikonopedia is a structured breast management and reporting system that reliably captures discrete data to track patients through each stage of the exam process. We provide next-generation reporting and patient management tools for a variety of screening and diagnostic modalities. Our MQSA-compliant toolset is targeted and automated to monitor patients in all categories of care.

Structured data is captured from the clinical report, tech report, patient questionnaire, risk-assessment, followup recommendations and more. The system is monitored behind-the-scenes to produce automatic warnings and alerts. Our new Analytics module takes full advantage of this data to produce operational dashboards and an extensive, full-enterprise MQSA audit report.

Ikonopedia also supports operational workflows with a full recommendation and followup system that automatically generates personalized patient letters along with a clear, detailed report for your referring physicians.

The Ikonopedia closed-loop resolution manager stops patients from getting lost in the shuffle and monitors patients to full resolution of all clinical concerns -- improving patient safety and saving valuable time for the radiologist and staff.

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Questionnaire & Risk Assessment

Founders and Management

Dr. Tabár

László Tabár, MD, FACR (Hon)


Known internationally for his leadership in the landmark Two-County Trial, Dr. Tabár established the value of mammography in reducing mortality from breast cancer. Dr. Tabár is a physician, researcher, and educator who continues to contribute through his research, writing, lectures.

Dr. Stavros

A. Thomas Stavros, MD, FACR


Internationally renowned for his expertise in ultrasound of the breast, Dr. Stavros has authored the definitive textbook, Breast Ultrasound. He is an invited lecturer, author of numerous peer reviewed articles, and was an investigator in the landmark ACRIN 6666 Trial.

Dr. Vendrell

Michael J. Vendrell, MD

Founder and President

Dr. Vendrell is an expert in breast MRI and CAD design with extensive experience in breast-imaging software. As the domain expert for Ikonopedia, Dr. Vendrell has contributed in all aspects of the design and implementation.

Emily Crane

Emily Crane


As Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Crane manages the overall operations and resources of Ikonopedia. Prior to Ikonopedia, Ms. Crane was a key executive with one of the nations foremost teleradiology providers. Prior to that, she was research director at KLAS Research.


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